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Reading Series
Jersey Driver

On the eve of the biggest prize offered at Raceway Park, amateur dragster, Josie, dreams of finally winning in order to move her kids to Texas. She and her mechanic friend, Auggie, are hiding the car because her ex boyfriend, Billy, and his family want the engine back which Billy paid for with money from their plumbing business.

Along for the ride are two modern day hench men, Ivan and Baker, to ensure the night goes Billy’s way, but their job proves harder than anticipated as Josie is willing to do anything to ensure she provides a better future for her kids.

Written by Troy Diana. Directed by James Valleti. Moderator Tere Martínez

Feral Child

Two anthropologists are in search of a lost tribe of cannibals. On the last day of their search, they come across a child that appears to be feral.

Despite warning, they see this as an opportunity for them to further their research. The anthropologists bring the young girl back with them to the United States. They soon realize that some things are better left where they belong.

Written by Cindy Sanabria. Directed by Andreas Robertz.
Moderator Rick Mowat.

Radical Two

How to struggle against oppression of the many by the few? In Magna Graecia, 5th century BCE, the Pythagoreans are a ruling establishment group. They mathematically justify the status quo of society: all conditions of life are rationally designed. Anunitu, a Babylonian mathematician/slave has learned to keep her head down, not make waves. But she meets Loukas, one of the Pythagoreans, seeking a ratio to represent the diagonal of the unit square. The two discover – falling in love as they proceed – that radical two doesn’t fit establishment rationality. Their proof helps to destroy the Pythagoreans’ power, encourages anti-slavery sentiment, provokes retribution. Where do Anunitu and her group go from here?

Written by Carlos Jerome. Directed by Gloria Zelaya.
Moderator Marcy Arlin


Ambition and the desire to escape the tyranny of her father have brought Nefeli to America. A travel encounter draws Nasim close to her, the two marry,
and embark on a journey as émigrés to the land of uncertain possibilities. Nefeli fares well in the competitive landscape of their new homeland, but Nasim loses his job and gradually his will to succeed.

Emasculation and humiliation exacerbate Nasim’s affliction, which becomes Nefeli’s unbearable burden. In desperation, she reaches out to a friend,
asking him to help Nasim regain his confidence in his job search. Instead, an emotionally charged liaison develops, fueling the resentment that
consumes her life and leaving her to save what is left of her hapless relationship with Nasim and the runaway train that is her friend’s marriage.

Written by Celia Kapsomera. Directed by Celine Havard.
Moderator Marcy Arlin

Mi Papi

A bilingual bildungsroman tale about betting, bad parenting and the disparaging inescapable society ensnaring Lucero Barajas and her family. This nefarious revenge tragedy is set in Dallas, around the time of JFK’s assassination. Gambler Fausto Barajas is in debt to loan shark/casino owner Emilio Ogro. Fausto’s wife, Andeana, is fed up with her husband’s destructive habit and plans to leave him taking their daughter, Lucero, with her. Before they get away, Emilio takes Lucero as collateral, and threatens to take Andeana’s life if Fausto doesn’t pay up by Lucero’s 11th birthday, which is only a couple of days away. Will Fausto be able to pay his debt to save his familia in time before Andeana and Lucero meet their maker?

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the theme and violence, this play is NOT suitable for children. Mature audiences only.

Written by C. Abeydeera. Directed by José Zayas.
Moderator María Elena Torres

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